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Astrue Consulting Services...

was founded in 2001 in direct response to client needs for Project Management and methodology-centered Software QA leadership.


The mission of Astrue Consulting Services is to maximize technology ROI for our clients through application of best practices in Project Management and Software development.


Providing top-notch service to our clients is the reason we exist.

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Understanding ROI

Using Return on Investment (ROI) as a meaningful measure is challenging even in small, simple organizations, regardless of the level of technology involved. That is not to say it cannot or should not be done.

Can ROI be measured with any degree of accuracy? Perhaps not- it is bound up with the value proposition of the investment, which is often measured with numbers that are considered fuzzy at best. However, one need not look far to cite high-profile examples of project failures, cost overruns, and poor quality software products, which are clearly and easily understood as poor value returned on IT investment. On the flip side, it becomes increasingly obvious that any IT organization elevates its ROI when it does any of the following:
  • Utilize a proven Software Development Life Cycle methodology
  • Provide a development platform that integrates configuration management
  • Define the value by analyzing business requirements and cataloging them as deliverables
  • Take steps to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and deliver the intended value
  • Commit to, invest in, and organizationally support a robust Quality Assurance program
  • Proactively manage change across projects and evolutionary stages of applications
While the above may look like a familiar list of Critical Success Factors for software development organizations, it is amazing to consider how few successfully and consistently meet these commitments.

By applying best practices in Project Management and across the entire spectrum of the Software Development Life Cycle, Astrue Consulting Services helps you achieve and sustain a higher level of ROI, reduce the risk of failure, and generate long-term savings.

Ethical Principles

Astrue Consulting Services is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards of integrity and ethical behavior. That translates into an obsessive dedication to the success of our clients and meeting commitments. By consistently delivering honest, competent professional services at competitive prices, we expect to build the business by earning and keeping your trust, one customer at a time.

Privacy Policy

Our standards of integrity extend to the care with which we handle information we gather from you. All information gathered on this site is used strictly to help respond to your requests. No information about you will ever be shared with any third party or used to contact you in any way other than to respond specifically to your inquiries. Earning and sustaining your trust is paramount at Astrue Consulting Services.

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You are here: About
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